Sri Software


SriPOS is an Industry specific solution developed for all telco resellers around the world and is the very first in the telecommunications industry to be offered as a fully Integrated module in an Enterprise Solution. Sri POS is one of the module within Sri Enterprise OS (SriOS).
Sri Telco currently supports the following functionalities:


  • Carrier Commissions.
  • Dealer / Franchisee Commissions.
  • Sales Staff commissions.
  • FIFO Stock Management.
  • Aged Stock Management.
  • Mobile Matrix and Mobile Connection Wizard.
  • Returns management
  • IMEI and Sim tracking.
  • Marketing opt in/out
  • Integrated EFTPOS and payment processing.
  • Consignment stock costing and tracking.
  • Bill Payments.
  • Minimal IT Footprint.


  • Epay Integration
  • Phobio Trade in Integration.
  • Digital contract and Document management systems.
  • Third party vendor Credit check systems.
  • Third party logistics integration.
  • Products and features comparison site.
  • Customer self-service options.

  • playstore