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Install wkhtmltopdf

Install wkhtmltopdf reference from

Step 1: Preparation

Login to your CentOS machine. Make sure that you have root access. It is up to you on how you gain a root access by logging in directly as root user or do an su - command.

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Now that I mentioned it, there are two items needed in order to install the wkhtmltopdf:


Install the two items with the following command
yum install -y xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi yum install -y xorg-x11-fonts-Type1

Step 3: Install wkhtmltopdf

Next, download the wkhtmltopdf


Next, download the wkhtmltopdf RPM file.

link to download directly

Alternatively, if your computer is a 32-bit architecture, you may download the 32-bit version available in the Downloads page of the said site.

After the file has been downloaded, run the command:
rpm -Uvh wkhtmltox-

And if for the 32-bit computers, run the command instead:
rpm -Uvh wkhtmltox-

NOTE : if you run using php then write font-weight:bold in css style.

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