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Last Date

1. Go to the back-office and click on the option Library Management - Management and then click on the option Last Date.

2. Last Date : This Application is used to displays the Last Date to Return Book.

3. The following image display List of Records.

4. Add New : This Button is used to Add New Last Date to Return Book.

5. Click on Add New Button then it will displays the following image.

6. Fields in this Last Date Include:

  • Master ID
  • Serial No
  • Supplier ID
  • Purchase Date
  • Disposal date
  • Purchase Cost
  • Max Loan days
  • Loan Fee
  • Loan Count
  • Available date
  • Status
  • Warehouse
  • Onloan Date
  • Customer id
  • Invoice.

7. Once you have completed the Last Date details, click the Add button as shown below.

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