Sri Software

Sri Cart

Sri Cart Features and Functionality

  1. PayPal integration
  2. Sendle shipping integration
  3. Poly payment integration
  4. Search
  5. View in list
  6. View in grid
  7. Image zoom in
  8. Image zoom out
  9. Log in multiple user
  10. Display price
  11. Display images with multiple images
  12. Auto Thumbnail generation for products images
  13. Page navigation in products list
  14. Sort by alphabet order ascending and descending order
  15. Sort by number
  16. Banner
  17. Display a list of stores with google location maps
  18. Dynamic menu system.
  19. Display brand information on home page
  20. Sort by brand
  21. Sort products list on Price high to low
  22. Sort products list on Price Price low to high
  23. Display product name
  24. Display product description
  25. Contact Us with Captcha
  26. Register new users
  27. Add to Cart from products detail page
  28. Shipping
  29. Logo
  30. Clearance List
  31. Pre order list
  32. Accessories
  33. Repair parts
  34. Mobile phones
  35. Email subscribes
  36. Social networks
  37. Cancel cart
  38. Hold in card
  39. Quick item adds in shopping cart
  40. Customer specific in shopping cart
  41. Pick up from store or Direct ship
  42. Display availability of products colours
  43. Show products by model or by item code
  44. Display product and Brand Warranty
  45. Product enquiry contact tab.
  46. Product information.
  47. Product Specifications
  48. Display Related Products by category or by related items
  49. Home Pages
  50. Session wise banner
  51. Customer Profile after login
  52. Customer Quotations
  53. Customer Order list with order tracking
  54. Security profile for each user
  55. Status
  56. Operations
  57. Multiple Invoice templates to send by email, print or send as an SMS.
  58. Customer order notifications
  59. Payments of invoice direct online payment by sending payment link to customer
  60. B2B – Business to Business eCommerce functionality in the same installation
  61. B2C – Business to Customer eCommerce functionality in the same installation
  62. Banner with auto publishing and auto expiry capabilities.
  63. Integrated web content management system.
  64. Dynamic eCommerce Product listing by filters
  65. Listing of products by Brand
  66. Listing products by category
  67. Listing products by subcategory
  68. Display promotional Products
  69. Auto image upload
  70. Rich text content editor
  71. Clean URLs
  72. Display stock on hand availability from all stores
  73. Show expected date of new stock qty availability.
  74. Google Analytics integration
  75. Social share sharing of products and contents
  76. Internal page audit and audit logs
  77. Version control of web pages
  78. Multi language enable web content and eCommerce
  79. Search across web content and eCommerce
  80. SEO friendly web and eCommerce site
  81. Auto generating site maps for google and search engine
  82. SSL Enabled
  83. Refine Search by Brands and inventory property’s
  84. User Contains control by Security permission’s

Many more feature to be documented

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