Sri Software

Technology Overview

Our software is fully adaptive and works in every kind of diverse environments be it in-house hosted or cloud hosted or even in any hybrid configuration.

We are platform agnostic and provide solutions with minimal IT footprint therefore giving you total flexibility in your choice of platform, database and delivery model. You have complete freedom of choice and our software supports it.

Platform Independence:

Don't be tied into a proprietary platform, be independent and use any device of your choice

Our software is fully portable across all platforms. You can choose your preferred access platform and work through it and change to another access method as needed. The software can be accessed through a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or through a smart phone.

As an example most organisations choose to use a desktop computer to access our software and while in the office however chose to access the software from a laptop while working from home or even use a portable tablet to access while on the go.

Multi Device

Our application is fully supported on any client device. Choose the device of your choice. Be it a desktop pc, laptop, tablet or a smart mobile device, our business application will work on it. Give the user a choice of total device flexibility and mobility.

Database Independence:

Dont be tied into a proprietary database, be independent and use any database of your choice.

Our software works with most of the industry leading databases software. Choose a database provider you are comfortable with and let our software use your selected database provider.

multi dabase

Do you have mixed databases in your organisation, then it is not a problem. You can use Microsoft SQL server for your reporting while you can use Oracle for your payroll database or even use the free MySQL server. Many more can be used as well using the odbc connectivity.

Delivery Independence:

You have the choice on the delivery of our software application.

Reduce your IT footprint and select our hosted delivery model or choose to host the application in-house.

Our hosted solution comes bundled with full maintenance and support. We take care of all of the IT things relating to our software application, like backups and updates.

Our Hosting uses Enterprise Carrier grade data centres having full redundancy and disaster protection.

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