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Sri Installation Script

Warning: Backup your Current Data before continuing


These instructions are specific to a Centos 7.x 64bit server.

The use of these instructions on other platforms is not supported.

Step 1: Login as root user and then install wget by running the following command

Yum install wget

Sri Installation Script1

Centos will prompt if it is ok to install this application.

Sri Installation Script2

Press Y and press the enter key to continue.
Sri Installation Script3

Wget installation is now complete.

Sri Installation Script4

Step 2: Now Download the Sri application installer script to your server.


Sri Installation Script5

Step 3: Now give permission to the install script by running the following command

chmod +x

Sri Installation Script6

Step 4: Now execute the the Sri install script.


Sri Installation Script7

Step 5: It will display the list of available installation options

Sri Installation Script8

Enter 1 to Install the full version of Sri Enterprise Software.

Enter 2 to Install the full version of Sri Enterprise Software as a Virtual Directory application.

Enter 3 to Install LAMP Software Installation

Enter 4 to Upgrade SriOS application

Enter 9 to Exit the Installation Script

Enter 0 to Reboot the Server.

  1. When You Select Option 1 it will Install Full Software

Including Server, Mysql, SriOS Software
It will take a while to Finish the Installation of the softrware.

Sri Installation Script9

Sri Installation Script10

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