Sri Software

Industries Overview

Business Industries

Sri Erp is suitable for usage in a wide range of industries.

The core framework is easily adaptable to suit specialised industry requirements.

Sri Erp is all ready made for the use in the following industry sectors.

  1. Retail Industry
  2. Hospitaility Industry
  3. Private Educational Services Sector
  4. Mobile Industry
  5. Electrical Industry

Industry Solutions:

Sri Enterprise OS provides customized industry specific solutions to the ITSP's, Retail and the education sectors.

Our software is a direct replacement for any software application being used in these industries.

Telco's & Itsp's

Retail & Hospitality



Restaurant Management

Student Management

VoIP Service providers

Restaurant POS

Course management

Domain Service Providers

Waiter POS

VET / Fee Management

LCR - Call routing

Table Management

RTO Compliance

CDR Rating

Takeaway and Delivery Mgmt.

Agent Management

Voicemail & IVR Billing

Multi Bill of Materials

Commissions Module

Plan Billing

Split Bills & Bill Consolidation

Student Contracts

DID Management

Retail POS

Teacher management

Reseller management

Promotions & Discounts

Facilities Management

FIFO & Aged Stock Mgmt.

Library Management

Telco POS

Dealer Management

Commissions Module

more details are available under the industry selection.

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