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Picking Orders In Sriwms

Sri Warehouse Management App.
Picking Orders

Usage of Pick Order in Mobile

  • Click on menu button at

Picking Orders in SriWMS

  • At Sri Enterprise OS select Pickup Order from Menu as shown in the image below.

WMS pick order

  • Here we will have List of Orders to Pick as shown in image below.

Pick order list

  • If we select Pick then it will show the confirmation message as shown in image below.

pick this order y or n

  • After clicking ok we have list of Order lines, here we need to Enter or Scan Barcode/Item code to pick the quantity.

itemcode  scan or add

  • After Entering INV code Pcik Quantity will increase for that item as shown in image below.

pick order qty add

  • After Entering click on Complete then It Will Display a message Success or Failure

more qty add

  • If we enter Invalid codes, it will display an Invalid message for few seconds.

pick order search

  • If the Pick Order quantity is fulfilled at max level, it will display a message.

item search

  • If we press add without entering any details, then it will display a message.

warning please enter a item code

  • If Order Quantity is equal to Picked + Shipped Quantity, then it will turn to Green
  • If Pick Quantity is Yellow, then Order Quantity indicates still in Pending.
  • f Pick Quantity is in Red Then Order Quantity indicates Nothing is Picked as shown in the image.

item code list

  • Pick Order for Incomplete Picking

incompleted picking order

  • When we click on Incomplete Picking it will ask Do you want to Compete this order click on "OK"

completed this order y or n

  • Here when we have list of orders to be picked as shown in image below.

pick order list

  • When we click on Complete from the above image then There is No Records left to display as shown in image below.

pick order no records found

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