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Sri Time and attendance

Sri Employee Time and Attendance Mobile Application

SriETA mobile application allows an Employee to Login-Logout (Clockin / Clockout) with their smart phones.

or setup a company owned host device at the point of entry for the employee to clock in / out.

This Application maintains Employees, Students, Staff and Security Guards time logs of their Attendance Details.

SriETA captures and reports Employee / User / Visitor time and attendance logs for:

  • Corporate & Governance Attendance (In-Out logs).
  • School student attendance
  • Business meetings attendance.
  • Staff & Security Attendance.
  • Includes List of their past time & attendance Logs.

NFC & QR Tags:

Create your custom NFC and or QR Code based tag.

Capture employee location and address.

Capture employee GPS coordinates.

Create Employee ID cards with embedded NFC tags.

Eliminate Buddy Punching.

Enable employee self service portal for times.



NFC Based Clock in / Out

Tap your NFC enabled phone on the Store

or Office Clock in/out tab upon entry to clock in.

QR Based Clock in / Out

If your phone does not have a NFC chip then scan the Store

or Office Clock in/out tab upon entry to clock in.



Clocked in / Out Message upon completing the scan.

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