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Sri Freight Master

Sri Freight Master

The Sri Freight master module is designed for Client that deals with logistics, freight management, freight Setup, freight Reports, and freight brokering for both domestic and international shipments.

Sri Freight management systems are robust and detailed SaaS platform that allows the user to access critical tasks dealing with the procurement and management of shipping services. They can be used to set up LTL, FLT, mutimodal, intermodal, and even parcel services. Everything from ground to express delivery is the domain of the FMS

Most of the freight management software solutions work via a cloud-based server. This means that the user does not need to download and store software directly on an individual computer. Cloud-based solutions provide flexibility for users to access the FMS from a desktop, laptop, or tablet. In more recent years, even smartphones can receive push notifications from the system in real-time. From the dashboard, the user can access a single screen to display all reports, provide easy access to search functions, applications, and extra tools.

Features for Client

  • Real time order tracking.
  • Customer Service Portal: customers can interact with freight company by using their login from company website; track shipment, get a quote, online payment.
  • Reports and dashboards.

Sri Freight Master contains the following Sub modules :

  • Process Consignments
  • Consignments
  • Carrier Orders
  • GPS Logs
  • Realtime Tracking
  • Freight Types
  • Freight Carriers

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