Sri Software

Sri Digital Docs

Sri Digital Docs (SRI DOCS) is a module of the SRI Enterprise OS (SriOS) Telco software suite.

Sri Docs helps reduces all of the complexities involved with contract compliance and contract document management.

Summary Features:

  • User friendly and simple interface for the user.
  • Keep a digital copy of the contract not the bulky paper version.
  • Reduce paper usage & reduce co2 emissions.
  • Easy searching of documents.
  • Easier indexing of documents.
  • Document security provided by advanced encryption technologies.
  • User access control to documents.
  • Low cost document management solution.
  • Use any device, PC, Laptop, IPad, Tab or a smart phone.
  • No storage of any documents in the device. All photos or digital captured are automatically removed from the device after upload.
  • Instant software Updates, reducing downtime to stores.
  • No downtime for updating application.
  • All software application is automatically installed and configured on the user device.
  • Import data from external sources.
  • Export data into multiple data types.
  • Dynamic sorting of all data.
  • Advanced Filtering and searching of data.
  • Easy and user friendly user dashboard.
  • Developer licence for the Administrator.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited installations on all user devices.
  • Easy user administration.
  • Advanced api interfaces for integration with other systems.
  • Static IP address based restrictions.
  • No lock in contracts.
  • Carrier Integration

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