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Sign on Glass (SriSOG)

Sign on Glass (SriSOG) is an Android mobile application designed as an integral part of the core SriOS application. It is the primary source of information for Proof of Delivery or collection.

SriSOG enables any user in the branch network to obtain a customers electronic signature for goods delivered to customer at their premises or on site or even when picking up from the store.

Sign on Glass taking a customer signature. This becomes a POD document immediately.

* Multi-Company Operations

* Multi-Store Operations
* Small /Medium/Large size Business
* Eliminates paper based signature for deliveries or pickups.
* Saves Paper and environment.
* Economical to maintain.
* Easy to retrieve a POD by searching up the order number.
* Eliminates lost paperwork.
* Eliminate lost revenue through chargebacks or disputes.

- Sign On Glass(Sri SOG) it Works anywhere & anytime - in any industry, in any country around the world.
- This App is easy to use and free for your User.
- SriSOG Display all routes for user or carrier on smartphone.
- SriSOG shows the list of sites and list of orders and expected time slot of delivery.
- Delivery details, new orders, waybills etc...
- Multiple POD - sign once, submit all selected items.
- It will shows the list of orders for user.

- Navigate to destination direct from app.
- Multiple orders and collections (pick up) at the same location/site.
- Scan QR / barcodes to capture serial numbers for every delivery and every
delivery item.

- Instant updates on delivery issues with photos
- Sync photos and documents with back office portal

- Reduces Administration costs
- Increase productivity by with efficient scheduling
- Sending information in real time for faster invoicing
- Paperless and reduced calls
- Customer service quality improvement
- Improvement of operations management
- Faster response time to incidents
- Reduced customer support calls

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